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Razor have announced a battery-powered scooter which can be ridden while seated.


Being dubbed as its ‘most versatile’ scooter yet, the EcoSmart Cargo comes with a large rear rack which can be used to carry cargo, or to accommodate space for an adult passenger.  


To provide enough power to carry two people, Razor has equipped its latest product with a 1,000W motor, meaning a top speed of 20mph. This makes it Razor’s quickest and most powerful electric scooter in its range, and only for riders 18 and over.


On a full charge, the company says the Eco Smart Cargo can deliver a range of up to 16.6 miles, while its wide 16-inch pneumatic tyres provide a smooth ride. 


Razor has fitted the scooter with a spacious bamboo-made floor base and an adjustable seat, as well as front and rear fenders to protect riders from wet surfaces and mud. An LED headlight, tail and brake lights also come fitted as standard. 


There are five different speed levels which can be selected via the bike's twist throttle, while to the rear is a disc brake. The selected speed level is shown on a digital display which also shows battery level and speed. 


Razor’s UK website does not currently show the EcoSmart Cargo for sale. This may change as the rules surrounding e-scooters eventually change with new legislation

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Harry Leahey 30/09/22