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The UK micro mobility firm bo has unveiled its first product, the bo M, which is said to be a radical redesign of the e-scooter. It features the single largest technological advancement in scooter technology called ‘Safesteer’, which increases the rider’s control of the e-scooter by stabilising the steering.

bo was established in 2019 by former designers from both Jaguar Land Rover and Williams F1 Advanced Engineering to help people migrate away from motors. bo exists to establish new standards in safety, comfort, and design for electric scooters, which have previously been viewed as risky and unreliable.

The bo M comes equipped with a 360-degree Light Halo system and the Safesteer riding stabilisation to provide maximum safety. The e-scooter employs Airdeck for increased comfort and has a refined geometry with a long wheelbase, a steering angle tailored for the rider and broad handlebars. The distinct bo Monocurve chassis - which challenges conventional scooter design - and seamless feature integration aims to give an all-new commuting experience.

The rider is always in complete control thanks to the safesteer technology, which stabilises and smooths the steering over dips, bumps, and potholes. This fundamental change in bike dynamics could potentially eliminate the safety concerns of both inexperienced and expert e-scooter riders.

The bo M’s Daytime Running Light (DRL) wraps around the Monocurve chassis to create Light Halo, a first in the industry that provides 360 degrees of light visibility. This distinctive design vastly improves road presence and other road users' attentiveness.

In addition to Light Halo, there is a strong secondary headlight that illuminates the road ahead. A wide, high-lumen rear light that flashes brightly when riders brake keeps them visible from behind.

“We spent three years developing the bo M for everyone who can see the potential of the e-scooter, but who finds today’s scooters too unsafe, impractical for daily use, or simply not well designed” said Oscar Morgan, bo CEO.

“Our mission has been to develop game-changing features and safety enhancements such as Safesteer, whilst using our experience in automotive design to build a scooter people feel proud to own and ride,” Morgan continued.

Another key specification of the bo M is the lock and load carrying capacity. It is a portable system made to transport riders' bags and is limited to a maximum weight of 25kg. Riders of the e-scooter are no longer required to wear a backpack. The two strong load hooks on the bo Monocurve chassis keeps luggage stable and swing-free while you're riding because they don't twist when you steer.

The steel twin mount system, which is concealed and integrated within the device, also serves as a locking point. This makes iit easy to firmly lock the bo M using a conventional D-lock. The bosecure system, which includes mobile alerts, motor locking, loud anti-tamper alarms and GPS monitoring, provides complete peace of mind in the event that the user loses sight of their bo M.

The e-scooter is said to have a range of 31 miles and a top speed of 24mph. The entire charging process takes about three hours to complete. Further attributes include a total weight of 18kg and a carrying capacity of 120kg - while riding on 10x2.50 pneumatic tubeless tyres.

bo M announced a retail price of £1,995, which is also eligible for subscription starting at £69 per month, along with a two year warranty on all scooters.

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Manija Noori 11/08/22