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UK-based electric scooter firm Pure Electric has launched three new models - claimed to ‘reinvent’ the e-scooter design. 


Unlike a conventional e-scooter, which is typically used with one foot behind the other, Pure Electric’s new machines, dubbed the Pure Advance, Advance Plus, and Advance Flex, can be driven with both feet side by side - providing a safer ride with greater balance.


With two footpads instead of a standard deck, the new e-scooters are claimed to provide “a more stable and comfortable” experience. 


Another safety feature includes the company’s Pure Control technology, which gently returns the handlebars to the original position following every turn.  


The three machines ride on 10-inch tyres which are said to be puncture resistant, and are stopped via a dual brake system. The scooters also come with front and rear indicators, which should future proof them as the UK continues to draft legislation to make e-scooters legal. 


Additionally, LED lights feature at both ends, with Pure Electric claiming them to be four times brighter than those found in its previous models. The rear light also intensifies its brightness when the brakes are applied. 


They all weigh the same, coming in at 16kg, though portability and range are the differentiating factors for the three models. 


The Pure Advance can have its handlebars and footrests tucked in for easier storage, though the Advance Flex goes further with a foldable frame too. Unlike the former models, the Advance Plus cannot be folded. 


The Advance Plus does however have the largest battery of the three, with its 423Wh battery pack providing a range of 31 miles on a full charge. A 355Wh battery comes fitted in the foldable models, and delivers a range of 25 miles on a full charge. Top speed across the range is 15.5mph from a 500 W motor.


All three e-scooters come with water resistance rated at IP65, making them resistant to dust and water splashes, though won't survive entry into a pool. 


Pure Electric’s latest e-scooters aren't available to purchase yet, but can be pre-ordered with a refundable £20 deposit, ahead of deliveries in March 2023. 


The Pure Advance is priced at £799, and comes in Matte black and Matte grey colours. The Mercury grey and Platinum silver colours are available on the Advance Plus, priced at £899 and the Advance Flex, priced at £1,099. 

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Harry Leahey 12/10/22