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Acer, the Taiwanese computer corporation, has unveiled a new electric scooter named the Predator Extreme, which the firm says is suitable for off-road use.


It comes as the company unveiled its inaugural ebii electric bicycle earlier this week.


The latest vehicle, unveiled at this year’s Taipei Cycle exhibition, has been developed by Acer’s Gadget department, which it claims provides the power and competence of an off-road motorcycle. 


To back that up, the two-wheeler boasts a maximum capacity of 700 watts, while torque stands at 29Nm, enough to climb slopes with a 16 percent gradient.


Three driving modes can also be selected, while its top speed is 15.5mph. 


It is powered by a removable 7.5Ah battery which is said to deliver a range of 13.7 miles, while a full charge takes 3.5 hours. 


Continuing the off-roading theme, The Predator Extreme possesses a steel framework and provides dual suspension in conjunction with a rear spring shock absorber to offer extra stability.


It is currently illegal to ride a privately owned e-scooter on public roads in the UK, though this is expected to change with new legislation. Unfortunately, it remains unclear as to when this will be, as such legislation is currently being held up in parliament. 

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Harry Leahey 24/03/23