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British micromobility brand Zinc has unveiled what it claims to be the first ever seated e-scooter. 

Hailed as a cross between an e-scooter and a folding e-bike, the Zinc Venture offers a saddle to sit on, similar to a bike, but without pedals. 

In the UK, it is currently illegal to ride privately owned machines on public roads, though this is expected to change with new legislation.  

In anticipation for the new regulations, the company has limited its latest model’s top speed to 15.5mph, which is delivered via a 250W electric motor.

It has a claimed range of 15 miles, though Zinc has yet to release any information on the machine’s battery size. It does however take around four hours to charge. 

Regarding weight, it comes in at 17.3kg and rides on large 14-inch air-filled tyres for a smoother experience. 

The e-scooter is equipped with built-in shock absorbers, double disc brakes, and features a multi-function LED display. 

Other onboard equipment includes front and rear lights for added safety. 

For easy storage and portability, the e-scooter also has a quick-folding mechanism. 

It is priced at £500 from Argos or the company’s website.

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Harry Leahey 02/02/23