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The London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) has just announced their latest accomplishment, with the sale of 5,000 TX Taxis being sold in London after its launch in 2018. Taking on board the classic design features of a standard black cab that has been in operation in London since 1908, the unmissable silhouette has been given an electrified upgrade, potentially making the electric TX the world's most advanced and clean energy taxi.

What are the features of the electrified cab?

Powered by LEVC's latest eCity technology since 2014, in an attempt toward a more eco-friendly and sustainable environment, the electrified taxi aims at delivering a pleasurable possible experience for drivers and passengers while reducing emissions.

The electric TX features a lightweight aluminium body. The eCity powertrain that powers the TX enables a journey of up to 64 miles in its full-electric mode. Since its launch in 2018, the TX firm has claimed to have prevented approximately 109,000 tonnes of unethical CO2 from entering the atmosphere. The more recent electrification has represented a big step toward sustainability, particularly for a vehicle that is designed to be driven across the city at all times of the day.

The TX Design favours renewable energy and reduced emissions

During the development of the TX taxi, LEVC engineers and designers consulted with information gathered from primary and secondary data research from cab drivers and users to create a driver-centric cabin. A technological upgrade to the interior incorporates updated controls for potentially more accessible and more practical use. From an engineering perspective, the electric TX also transformed the overall users’ and ownership’s experience: according to the firm, allowing owners to save up to £110 per week on fuel.

LEVC also claims that the eCity powertrain has prevented approximately 61 million litres of fuel from being burnt. Based on the figures LEVC announced, this would amount to a combined total of £91 million.

The future of LEVS is green

5,000 electric TX Taxis have been sold and continue to travel throughout the heart of London City. The spacious cab with its almost limousine-like doors gives a public luxury impression.

Passengers can enjoy their journeys with a more comfortable interior equipped with natural light courtesy of the panoramic sunroof and the state of the art electronics.

Joerg Hofmann, CEO of LEVC, said: "Drawing on more than a century of industry experience, combined with state-of-the-art technology, LEVC successfully developed the world's most advanced taxi: the electric TX. Our 5,000th sale in London is a major landmark for the business. We're proud that our TX is contributing to improving urban air quality and supporting drivers in the transition to sustainable mobility."

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Manija Noori 01/11/22