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Adam Norris, founder of micro mobility firm Pure Electric, has predicted privately owned e-scooters will be legalised in the UK within the next 12 months.


Norris, who has been “working closely” with the UK government on safety guidelines and other criteria, told Business Live that “we’re the last major country not to have legalised”.


His prediction comes following the UK government’s announcement back in May that it would introduce an all new, low-speed zero-emission vehicle category, which will see privately owned e-scooters becoming legal for UK roads. 


Though this was welcoming news for micro mobility, there was no mention of any date as to when this would happen, though Norris is confident we won’t have too long to wait. 


Norris says the Government’s reasons for the UK being behind other major countries such as France and the USA were down to Brexit and COVID, though he disagrees. 


“We were just the slowest is the truth. Nearly everywhere else in the world is legal and I think we will just adopt the same rules as they have in Germany.”


In Germany, e-scooters are not allowed on pavements, and riders of e-scooters must be above the age of 14. A driving licence isn’t required, but since traffic rules still apply, points or even a driving ban can be issued.


Pure Electric is one of a number of e-scooter firms looking to capitalise on the e-scooter trend, and its models include the Pure Advance and Pure Advance Flex. 


Unlike a conventional e-scooter, which is typically used with one foot behind the other, Pure Electric’s machines feature a twin-board design, which enables them to be driven with both feet side by side - said to provide a safer ride with greater balance. 


Its models are also said to have been aligned to Germany's criteria for appropriate e-scooters, which includes two independent brakes, a horn, as well as lights and reflectors for improved visibility. 


According to Pure Electric, France, which legalised e-scooters back in 2019, is the firm's biggest market for them. 

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Harry Leahey 28/11/22