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Scooter rental firm Tier Mobility has begun trailing wheelchair-accessible e-scooters which the company says could arrive on London streets sometime in the future. 

The modified scooters are currently being tested on the outskirts of the French capital, Paris. 

Developed by a French start-up Omni, the machine adopts a universal fixing which enables it to attach to a wheelchair - helping to deliver an expanded distance for those with limited mobility. 

Available to be rented out for testing, Omni says the product will be compatible with around 95 percent of e-scooters on the market, and approximately £4000 cheaper than to install electric power to a standard wheelchair. 

The trial comes following Tier Mobility’s own research, which found that one in 10 of its customers identify as having some form of disability. 

Though the company has plans to expand the availability of the machines to other cities elsewhere in France, including Bordeaux and Lyon, the firm says they could become available in other markets such as London too in the near future, where Tier Mobility already provides a fleet of rental scooters, as well as in Milton Keynes and Essex. 

UK boss for Tier Mobility Georgia Yexley said: “Considering accessibility for any mobility service is critical – and micro-mobility is no exception. 

“Whilst accessibility must be considered at all stages, it is just as important to create a service which can be iteratively improved and become more accessible over time. 

“Our work with Omni shows how we as an industry can react to ongoing challenges and make micro-mobility usable by all.”

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Harry Leahey 03/01/23