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British electric vehicle (EV) start-up Ark has introduced an electric quadricycle known as the Zero, which is priced at £5,995 and touted as "the most affordable electric car" in the UK.


The Zero boasts a 3bhp motor and a top speed of 28mph, while its lithium-ion battery provides a claimed range of 50.3 miles, 


It can be charged using a standard Type 1 charger with charge speeds of up to 7.4kW, while type 2 chargers are also available with the use of a converter. 


Ark claims that a full charge takes approximately six to eight hours and costs less than £1.


The Ark Zero measures 2500mm in length, 1202mm in width and 1625mm in height, enough space for two adults and a dog. 


The body of the vehicle is constructed entirely from aluminium, which the firm says provides better energy absorption and dissipation compared to traditional steel bodies in the event of an accident.


Additionally, an aluminium body is also said to facilitate better handling and manoeuvrability in urban areas, balanced weight distribution, and resistance to corrosion.


Standard features of the Ark Zero include a sunroof, reversing camera, LED lights, a central LCD infotainment screen, and Bluetooth connectivity. 


The Zero can be ordered now from Ark’s website, and customers can expect delivery of their vehicles within 14-16 weeks. 


Presently, orders are limited to the UK, but Ark plans to expand its operations to other regions in the near future. 

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Harry Leahey 15/06/23