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Citroën UK has announced the specifications and pricing details ahead of its UK launch in June 2022 for the Ami- the 100% electrified quadricycle and the alternative transportation of light goods vehicles- My Ami Cargo.
The electric Ami will be available in three trim levels- the 'Ami', 'Ami Pop', and 'Ami Vibe', all coming with the selection of three colour packs: Orange, blue or grey. From a pricing perspective, the choice of colour will cost an additional £400 (including VAT).

Starting the entry with the cheapest electric car from the three levels, the 'Ami' is priced at £7,695 OTR (On The Road). The vehicle consists of standard specifications that include LED lights on the front and rear ends of the vehicle, a panoramic glass sunroof, digitalised speedometer and a standard USB charging port for charging devices and connectivity to the Ami. The choice between the three colour packs is available for this model for an additional cost, giving the standard AMI a more personalised look to its included features.

Customers can choose from the two higher trim levels made available, which Citroën claims offer a more customisable identity. 'Ami Pop', priced at £8,495 OTR, combines the orange colour pack with black trimmings on the front face and lower bumper, as well as the rear lights and bumpers of the Ami. The purpose behind the trim level of the 'Ami Pop' can be seen to give the vehicle a brighter identity solely based on the added touches of the bright orange colour scheme. This could be suitable for individuals who would drive the Ami primarily for pleasure and fun.

The other trim level to choose from is the 'Ami Vibe'. It Is priced on the higher end of £8,895 OTR. The images promoted by Citroën of the Ami Vibe look to incorporate the grey colour pack, featuring black finishes on most parts of the small all-electric. The higher price point of this trim level replaces the bright concept of the 'Ami Pop' with a more dark and masculine look for the 'Ami Vibe', making it more suitable for individuals who would prefer to drive a more professional-looking EV.

The 'My Ami Cargo' allows users to deliver short-distance products and services to their customers. Priced at £7,995 OTR for its precise specification, it includes features that closely resemble the two-passenger Ami's, such as the panoramic sunroof. Users of the cargo will notice that in replacement of the passenger seat, the Ami Cargo features a storage area to optimise the vehicle's use and make it more suitable for business owners to load and store delivery products. Without blocking the driver's vision when on the road, the capacity of storage within the small electric car looks to be divided by a panel that is placed in line and does not surpass the driver's waist/chest region, making it a suitable desktop for the individual, if thinking innovatively for practicality. The My Ami Cargo offers an internal capacity of 400 litres in its entirety.

All Citroën's small electric cars, My Ami Cargo included, feature a 6kW electric motor, giving the quadricycles a top speed of 27.9mph, and a 5.5kWh battery should range over 46 miles. Charging the Ami is easily accessible to a Type 2 connector which supposedly charges the small electric in just three hours from a local charging point.
Additionally, all Ami's, the innovative small electric cars, have a smartphone holder on the side of the dashboard that includes the DAT@AMI connection box that allows vehicle users to refer to it when analysing their Ami's charging status, or more, via the MyCitroën mobile app.

The Ami, with its three trim levels and the My Ami Cargo, will only be sold through online purchases. Customers can reserve orders through Citroën Ami's official website at a refundable deposit of £250 via this link.

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