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Mazda has made a 2022 update to their existing electric vehicle (EV), the Mazda MX-30, available to order from 2022. 

The MX-30 features three model grades – Makato is priced at the high end of £28,579.17, the Exclusive-Line model is priced at £26,579.17, and the most affordable of the models, the Prime-Line, is priced at £24,995.83. All models include the standard equipment of LED headlights, navigation, touch screen display, reversing camera and the Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Intelligent Speed Assist.

Mazda MX-30 was first launched in March 2021 as Mazda's first all-electric vehicle and was even voted as 'Favourite Electric Car 2021' at the electric driving awards. Despite its supposed success in the UK, Mazda has gone ahead to make enhancements to the model to improve the vehicle's overall performance and look. From a technical point of view, the DC charging performance of the MX-30 has been modified to increase the maximum power the car can accept. The model previously used a 40kW rapid charger to now 50kW, which should reduce the overall charging time of the EV. Due to this technical update, Mazda claims that the charging time has decreased by 10 minutes, from 36 minutes to 26 minutes.

With a focus on the EV drivetrain sounds, for the 2022 update, Mazda wanted to optimise the sound of the torque, a measurement of the force which causes something to rotate around a point generated by the power unit. Mazda wanted to optimise the sound to be more aligned with the other sounds of the vehicle when it is running, assuming that in the previous model, the sound was unusual, hence the update.

Looking at the 2022 Mazda MX-30's specification, information is displayed on a central 8.8" screen, with access to the vehicle's information and settings, the European comprehensive Navigation system, and entertainment options, including DAB Radio. Users can connect their smartphones via Bluetooth to make and receive calls. The installation of the Bose 12 speaker sound system is included in all models.

Mazda was supposedly founded as a cork company, hence the feature of cork linings in the centre console and the side door handles. Made from the bark of trees (without the need for any tree fall), the use of cork alongside recycled plastic bottles for the materials used in the door handles points toward the sustainability efforts of Mazda.

Managing Director of Mazda Motors UK, Jeremy Thomson said: "our first all-electric Mazda heralded an exciting start to Mazda's second century in business. A battery-electric vehicle conceived and created with Mazda's well-renowned focus on distinctive styling, innovative technology, driver-focused dynamics and class-leading interior quality, the MX-30 is a stand-out addition to the rapidly evolving EV marketplace."

Adding, "with the number of multi-tone colour schemes increased to four, the introduction of our new Zircon Sand colour and the option to choose the new dark grey and black interior on Makoto models, there's more customer choice than ever."

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