Honda has unveiled an urban-focused electric scooter called the EM1: e, and is the company’s first to be primed for European markets. 


It comes following Honda’s announcement that it will launch up to 10 electric two wheelers globally by 2025, as it works towards becoming carbon neutral by 2040.  


The range of two-wheelers will be made up of three types: Electric Bikes (EB), Electric Mopeds (EM) and Electric Vehicles (EV). 


The EM1: e kickstarts this effort as one of Honda’s new mopeds, and is “aimed squarely at a young demographic looking for easy, fun urban transport.”


Its top speed hasn't been confirmed yet, but since it’s a moped, expect it to  be between 15 and 30 mph. 


The EM1: e features what Honda calls its Mobile Power Pack, which means its 1.3kWh battery can be removed and charged at home or work for a claimed 25- mile range. 


The removable battery is also said to be compatible with Honda’s battery swap stations, which may eventually arrive in Europe.  


Honda says the EM1: e has been designed with a compact style to give it a unique identity among its existing range of motorbikes, and that it “syncs neatly with modern expectations for urban mobility”.


The new machine made its public debut at this week’s  EICMA motorbike show in Milan, Italy, and is due to arrive on sale in the middle of 2023, though pricing and UK availability has yet to be confirmed.  

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