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Suzuki has announced a trio of new, low capacity scooters - the Avenis 125, Address 125 and Burgman Street 125EX.


Launched at the Intermot Show in Cologne, Germany this week, all three models come equipped with Suzuki’s Euro 5 compliant 125cc engine. 


Currently powering over five million Suzukis worldwide, the learner-friendly engine is an air-cooled, single-cylinder powerplant, which Suzuki claims provides “environmentally responsible performance.”


All three models are said to emit 44g/km CO2, while delivering identical fuel economy figures with a claimed 148.67mpg. However, power output varies slightly. The Avenis and Address 125 deliver 8.6bhp (8.7PS) and 10Nm (7.4Ib-ft), while the Burgman Street 125EX makes the same peak torque, though slightly less power at 8.5bhp (8.6PS). 


As well as the same engine, all three scooters also share the same suspension front and rear, while the 12-inch wheels to the front, and 10-inch to the rear also remain the same. 


Unlike the other two models, the Burgman comes with additional features, such as engine stop-start, which turns off the engine when stationary before restarting when power is reapplied, as well as Suzuki’s new Silent Start System. 


The Address 125 is the most familiar looking scooter of Suzuki’s new models, and replaces the Address 110 in its lineup. It features a traditional look, consisting of a rounded LED headlight fitted to the steering bar at the front, as well as a tail-mounted cap finished in chrome, which is said to avoid any risk of spillages during refuelling. 


The Avenis 125 boasts the sportiest-looking design among the three, featuring a sharp and aggressive look with vertically-oriented LED positioned lights - adding a striking accent to the face. 


The most body work features on the more luxurious Burgman Street 125 EX, though like the Avenis, has up to 21.5 litres of underseat storage, two helmet hooks, as well as an additional two for carrying extra items. It also features a closable front compartment with a USB charging port. 


Both the Avenis and Burgman will come fitted with the firm’s digital instrument pack, which includes a grey-on-grey LCD display for speed and fuel information. The Address however settles for a standard analogue speedometer. 


All three scooters also have different sized fuel tanks. With a range of 180 miles, the Burgman Street 125EX has the largest, being able to carry up to 5.5 litres. In comparison, the Avenis is claimed to provide a range of 170 miles from its 5.3 litre fuel tank, whereas the Address has a slightly smaller tank at 5.0 litres. 


Prices have not been released yet for these new scooters, but since the old Address 110 was priced at £2,399, expect the new Address 125 to be around that ballpark. Both the Avenis and Address 125 will be available to order in early 2023. The Burgman Street 125EX will arrive in Suzuki dealerships in the spring. 

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Harry Leahey 04/10/22